Rescue Journal

I am not a happy camper....

Carol  ·  Jul. 29, 2015

we are full. the staff and i are stressed...too many special needs animals hitting the wall, we have stretched to the max with animals in every single available space we can configure somewhere.
add some really sick animals, some hard hitting expected and unexpected deaths...mix in the normal summer donation dry drought that doesn't allow for increasing staffing hours and volunteer vacations/holidays...equals not a great time for us.

we have a very specific mandate...senior and special needs animals..(or animals destined for the dinner plate).

yesterday arrived a gorgeous, sweet tempered, little 2 yr old brown and white pom from a northern rescue. when I said we would take her, I was told she was a diabetic. it was then discovered she wasn't diabetic, just not house trained, but sent her anyway.
sweet dog....I already love her..but really? we are overflowing with sick and ancient dogs and more trying to get in every day and a rescue can't handle one tiny, adorably sweet, house peeing dog...she is so very unadoptable she just had to come our way?

note to everyone...we will kill ourselves to step up and stand by every single animal we possibly can...but don't take advantage of us, don't abuse our blood, sweat and tears in doing one of the hardest kinds of rescue....please don't try to send us animals who really don't need to be here. there are other more appropriate rescues who take these not so wrecked ones.

saints welcomes Dee....not her fault she is not anywhere near as wrecked as she was supposed to be.
sigh...anyone know anyone looking for a young, beautiful, healthy, gentle and sweet peeing pom?



alsyon nerker

our tears are filling the well ;( seriously the hot weather is back to stay for the short time at least. I can hardly wait to see the little Pom on Sunday

Cathy payne

Hmm. I have just retired. How difficult is it to train a 2 year old peeing pom?

Carol A.

It seems this summer is really hard everywhere. here in AB we have a population explosion of beautiful.... unwanted unspayed mamas and their lovely babies.
Why dont people neuter? there is no justification.

A cute little brown and white 2 year old puddle maker, is very fixable... but it takes time and you are right she shouldn't be there.

Sorry you are so stressed. I hope the rain has filled your well. :)

Shanteca Goss

Hi there,

I've just come across your post while searching through your website and wanted to send out my gratitude and appreciated to all of the volunteer staff at Saints Rescue for devoting your time and love to helping these poor animals in need. I can imagine that the demand for support is often greater than the supply at hand, but I hope you always feel comfort in knowing that there are people out there who truly value everything that you do on a daily basis!!

It's devastating to hear that someone would go to the extent to lie their way out of their responsibility as a pet owner; which I'm sure if something that happens all too often. Although I may not be able to adopt Dee, I have two territorial cats who may not welcome the extra company, I pray that she will find a better, more loving mom or dad who will take care of her and give her all the love and care that every innocent animal deserves.

I would, however, really love to help in some way and will be holding a garage sale in Mission this weekend [@7476 Martin Place] to raise funds to donate to your organization. I plan to match all the proceed, which will then be donated to Saints Rescue.

It may not make a large difference, but I hope that the comfort in knowing that there are others who are grateful and appreciate the work that you do will help in making your day a little brighter. Thank you again for your devotion and caring hearts! Without humanitarians like yourselves and organization such as this, the world would be a much sadder place to live in.

Thank you! <3


You can give her to us if you like? We are happy to work on housebreaking, and we are happy to help you out in exchange for all the broken, senior and palliative dogs you have taken from us over the years!