Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Jul. 31, 2015

the fire was danger to saints.
thx everyone who offered to help as needed and to the staff and volunteers exploring options, manning saints and keeping us all informed (i was working so really appreciated the updates!)

bill went home with Nicole.
tiny went home with dawn.
fairlane's blood work is back...kidney disease...he is starting on some new meds.

allie has some med changes and a new special diet.

all the newbies are doing ok. Rupert is holding his own but not really improving. rosie is healing really well...might get her pins out in a couple of more weeks. broken little addie does not think she is disabled. jiggy and mischief go in for their neuters soon but are confined until they do. dee is adorably cute and satchi is just a really nice dog, thru and thru. max is feeling better.
Mario and Collin are back for the weekend, jenn and jiv went to Kelowna for jenn's birthday to visit extended family. my room is kind of full!

we have a new broken dog coming in from animal control next week...kai is a merle daxi..parapalegic, found emaciated with open wounds from dragging himself around on the street. the vet says he was in terrible shape, they cleaned up his wounds and removed a bunch of abcessed teeth. we will pick him up from the vets on Tuesday after the holiday.
welcome to saints kai..not sure yet where we will put you but we will figure out something.



Hi, just saw that Zae had a med change, did they find something new with her ears, or something else? Thanks!

shelagh f

i think it was wonderful all the people who stepped up to help
if necessary. my question was who would take Oscar?
So glad for Bill and Tiny, love them both
I see the next new dog's name begins with a K. What's with


Update on Babe Ruth. He is starting to settle in and is getting more comfortable with his surroundings, moving around more to check things out. Cringes back if you make any sudden moves but can be stroked if you approach him slowly and gently. Cali, bumped from the computer room, seems to have settled in her new comfort zone on top of the wall unit.