Rescue Journal

Volunteers please check your email

Nicole  ·  Jul. 31, 2015

Hey all,
There is a fire up stave lake road. It’s not too close to saints but it’s close enough to make us want to have a plan should we need to evacuate the saints animals.

We are hoping this will not be needing but it’s better to be prepared!!!!!

I sent an email to all active volunteers, please try to reply to me (nicole mc) asap.

We are still needing a potential plan of evacuation for the barn guys including transport trailers and a place for them to stay until the fire is under control. Any ideas or if you can help out with transport please email me at

Cheryl and Stef, are you guys around this weekend? if so can you give Carol a shout on her cell?

Again, this is just us trying to be prepared. So far there is no need for us to evacuate but we don't want to be in a mad scramble shoving 100+ animals in cars.


Carol Ann L

If there is ever a problem again and we are ok in Steelhead we can take goats. Someone will have to get them here but we have shelter and lots of area to graze. Hope it never happens. On the other hand if we have a fire up here we need help with 2 goats. We have a plan for dogs and cats but have no vehicle to transport 2 goats.

Lynn P

Hey Carol, if you are making up a list of people to call in case of an evacuation emergency please put me on it. I am set up for cats and dogs but next door could take smaller farm animals.

Joann Wiltzen

I live close and will do anything I can to help. Call me if you need me for any reason.
I can take dogs/cats


cheryl and stef

Hi Yes we are around if you need anything. We have 2 horse trailers and can take a multiple of barn animals if needed. Glad that the fire is contained. I have sent my phone number to both the saints Facebook page and carols Facebook page in the messages.
take care

Jerry Schramm

I board a horse in Langley and just got an e-mail from my barn owner about your situation. I have a truck and 3-horse angle haul trailer. Please keep me in mind if you need help moving your animals. Depending on when (if) it happens, I may be able to help and would certainly be happy to if I can....