Rescue Journal

not a very good day

Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2015

when you add up all of the meds in the house, mp building, and is a freaking wee bit insane...add a first thing this morning shower for poop covered shep, a meet and greet potential home for allie, breakfast for the barn guys, a quick trip to the grocery store cuz we ran out of liver sausage while doing meds (just before I got to kyah who only takes her meds in liver sausage pate) and finally an unexpected trip into maple ridge to our vets because Rupert decided today might be a good day for crashing. so far the day pretty much sucked.

Rupert had some bloodwork, an xray and currently is still at the vets hooked up to IV's. he may or may not be coming home tonight...may would be good except getting him at the end of the day is going to totally screw up my barn bed routine.
the "you will have to wait:" hungry barn-ies will have a collective flipping fit...too hot to put them to bed early so they will most likely be tossing their fits til somewhere after 6 when I get home from the vets.
spoiled bloody beasts.

whatever, it is what it is.
Rupert soak up those fluids and please just feel better!


Carol A.

sorry to hear its been a tough day... by now though you should have all the barn guys tucked up and night meds done and maybe had time for supper and a big mug of tea. hope tonight is peacefull and the little ones are tucked up too.