Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2015

Rupert is home, re-hydrated and feeling much better..he is actually pretty damn perky tonight.

lynne was worried about nick today..i think he was just hot, he is his normal self tonight.

I just went back out and shut up the was too hot before. it is nice just to go back out and visit with the guys. the horses like their head rubs, pink and crosy like a brief but kind little chat. I caught that little bugger gus, trying to figure out how to unlatch the top and bottom of his gate..i swear to god he is more like a goat than a sheep....he has a busy brain.

that little addie has got to be the cutest little cat in the world.
bijou was wandering around the rabbit room...someone is getting brave. and for the first time ever, kiwi was ragging on me to hurry up with her nice to finally see her settling in and getting with the bossing carol around program.

brad and charlottes pool areas are leaking...yikes! in this hot weather they need their cool off spas! we forgot to line the pools with rubber matts this year so I think their pointy hooves have poked holes in the tarps. if I have time tomorrow, I will go looking for new tarps and rubber matts. lots of hot summer left.



hmmm...maybe we need over and under rubber matts...i will look at picking up a couple of actual stall matts when i have a free day...maybe that will work better because the rubber is thicker and solid.


I tried that originally last year and they lasted a day before they got holes from the gravel/sand mixture underneath the tarps. maybe if we had some large mats underneath the tarps and the fatigue mats on top?that should eliminate any holes from their feet and the gravel


believe it or not there is rubber mats under both pools and I'm still fixing rips in them a couple times a week


big thx to Jamie for picking Rupert up at the vets and safely delivering him home (along with a nice cold ice cap for me...yay Jamie!!!)