Rescue Journal

bad goat, badder dog.

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2015

mable the goat first got into the back yard WITH the dogs and decided to snack on the trees. THEN she snuck into sofie's stall and ate all of sofie's dinner. gluttony is a sin except apparently not for goats... or....goats just don't care.

allie the pitbull decided to go for a took OVER an HOUR to get that stubborn pitbull's ass out of the water. she just swam around and around and totally ignored me. not listening to me is not an actual sin per sae...but it does piss me off.
I am quite mad at her (she even ignored me when I was offerring treats!) plus that pond is gross right now so she totally stinks.

AND FYI....pitbulls are hence proven more stubborn and less cooperative than goats because....
mable the goat would have quickly and easily come running for treats...that bloody pitbull just turned up her water logged nose and flipped me the F.U. pitty tail.


Carol A.

such a lovely light pist. made me smile picturing you and the water logged Pit!


Omg, now that she's discovered the pond on a hot day, she'll be heading for it all the time...sorry Carol, this made me laugh out loud... Bet Allie's tuckered too


Should of counted how many laps she did! She must be exhausted - and groot too, chasing her like he was. Too funny :)