In Memory

so saints welcomes...

Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2015

kyle.... a middle aged, unclaimed, stray, broken, paraplegic, somewhat biting, dachshund who was dragging himself around on the streets all alone and was covered in friction wounds from his dragging efforts. not sure how exactly someone loses a parapalegic dog, its not like he could run away fast or far. this was not a new injury...quite an old one, his hind legs have atrophied so he became disabled quite a long time ago but he couldn't have been lost very long or in his vulnerable condition, he certainly would be dead.
anyway... I am thinking his loss might have been intentional. and that makes me feel really sorry for the poor little guy...even if he can sometimes be a bit of an asshole.
oh well..we all know I like dick headed dogs so kyle and I are already fast friends.
and he is freaking adorable!

also welcoming squishtopher...a very senior cat whose owner passed away. he is very sweet, has a very unique but quite horrible name and very badly needs a dental. he came right over to his pen door tonight to meet and greet me...he is a lovely old cat.

and a sweet good bye to Mario and Collin who went back home with jenn and jiv. they were so happy to get to go out of the gate. they are no longer homeless dogs and they both know it and were glad their abandonment...oops, I mean... going to visit grandma vacation, was over!



Can we not call him Christopher? What is Squishtropher anyway?? - and Kyle, poor little guy. People's cruelty still astounds me......