Rescue Journal

RIP Milly..hugs and great thx to Helga for giving her a wonderful home.

Carol  ·  Aug. 18, 2015

Hi Carol

Just to let you know that Colleen just came over and euthanized Millie. Her sessions in the litter box were getting more and more frequent and less productive. And she cried.

Millie Mimi Mimsey was my first Saint. She came here early in 2010. Thank you for trusting me with her. She was a total little love bug and gave me a lot of joy.




Ditto what Shelagh and Laura said . So sorry for your loss of Millie.


Helga you always have a soft spot for the cats that need quiet and extra tlc and Millie was lucky you gave her that. Plus she helped pave the road for the fortunate ones to follow her into your big heart. RIp Millie


So sorry Helga..I remember when you took Milly home..she was so lucky to have had you to love her.

shelagh f

didn't know Millie, but I know you love your cats, Helga, so
sorry for your loss

alyson nerker

Rest in Peace Milly <3 Thank You Helga for being a Sainte to our Saints