Rescue Journal

we have forgotten how to be fair.

Carol  ·  Aug. 24, 2015

i think the thing i most don't get about people is it that we want a good life, some comfort, some companionship, some kindness, some respect, pain free health and decent food and yet it never occurs to us that animals (or sadly, even other people) might actually want the same?

so how exactly do you let your elderly arthritic and soul lonely yard dog sit outside in a leaking, dirty, uncomfortable dog house with a bowl half full of cheapo, crappo, soggy wet, no name food in the rain... day after suffering day?

how do you walk past a tent and tarp city of actual homeless human folks and resent their audacity in being visible?

why do you think poverty is a sin and the poverty stricken are obviously to blame?

we sit in the comfort of our granite counter top subdivision houses watching our big screen TV's while dining on perfectly barbecued steak and we don't waste a thought on the silent k9 or feline suffering in our own back yard or the hungry kids on the other side of the tracks or the misunderstood and forgotten humans out on the cement streets without a roof over their head.

look at cecil and his trophy lion killer..did the rich dentist stop for even a splinter of a second and think that maybe cecil did not want to be a dead trophy head?

this is our problem..this is why the world is in such a mess...we don't do unto others as we want to be done unto.
we just want to be done unto well and who the heck cares about everyone else?

we are making our bed...and one day, this generation or the next is going to have to lay in it...and it won't be much fun.



In other news - how is Mars doing at his new home? Has Groot joined them too yet?


Carol - everty single person who reads your blog understands. We agree, whole-heartedly, and we mourn along with you at the state of many things. What angers me is that those who NEED to think differently, ACT differently, be exposed to a better way of living and respecting life around them - those ppl will never read this. They won't be part of a facebook group that promotes goodwill, or helping the suffering. They won't bring their elders home for Christmas dinner, or bring in their lonely pets for warmth and love. They stick their damn heads in the sand and continue pretending that all is right with the world. In EVERY generation there are the forward thinkers, the do-ers, the ppl who do everything within their power to make the world a truly better place. And in every generation, there are those who do their very damndest to undo/obliterate/make null that good work. And trust me, we are just as frustrated as you are at it. You and your crew do amazing work. Please remember that if not for ppl like you, the world really would go to hell in a handbasket.