Rescue Journal

just quick updates..i don't have time for more.

Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2015

annie peacefully passed away yesterday..the vet came and helped her, it was her time...she fought long and hard against that cancer. annie meant a lot to me but I will have to write her story later...there is just too much going on around here right now.

dolly and her babies have gone off to foster care at shawn's new hobby farm. it is a great home for them and it sounds like they are settling in well.

groot is off on an adoption trial. and so is jerry lee.

the 3 chi's are back for a visit and so is kobie..they are all here for 3-4 weeks.

squirt has been seizuring today.

rosalee had the right leg's pins surgically removed yesterday...she is still on cage rest for now.

treat went into the vets for passing bloody urine. we are to moniter him.

and rudy is colicking tonight, the vet has been out to check and tube him and I am on walking colicky horse duty every hour or so...hope he poops soon, my knees are starting to really hurt. I have just turned the lights off in there..i am watching him in the cameras and hoping he gets sleepy and his bowel relaxes..if not, back to walking in circles. tomorrow we both might be crippled!


Carol A.

maybe it is a good thiing you cannot write about Annie just now. Somethings takke reflection and after all these years it is right to take time to let your thoughts settle and the good memories fill your heart. Annie would like that. sweet girl Sending you a big hug. so very sorry about Annie.