Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2015

big tree down at saints...just missed the upper pasture shelter and the sheep but luckily it did miss any important things. is a full downed tree and the branches are dangerous if any herd animals get their legs or feet tangled. we have a good chain saw that I don't know how to use if anyone knows anyone who can come and cut up the tree..i am willing to pay someone.

we are currently freaking out about a couple of really big cottonwoods behind the house. so many trees are coming down.

anyway hoping and praying they don't come down and land on the house...pretty sure that would be horribly terrible for those of us that live within.

let it rain and rain but please god stop with the wind.



I cant run a chainsaw but i can help haul wood away from the pastures. See you tomorrow.

Carol A.

oh Carol....wind and rain mudt be syorming there... dry as a none in the dessert in rain on our yard sll summer