Rescue Journal

Amazing Grace

Carol  ·  Aug. 30, 2015

so many kind people in this world...thank you so much to todays wonderful volunteers and the awesome volunteer wood cutters and branch stackers who made our fields safe once again for our 4 hoof'ed crew!

rudy did not colic...but sofie suddenly became seriously lame. our vet was over run with emergency calls but he got here this afternoon and drained a really nasty abcess from her foot. sofie is feeling much better!

kyle went off to his new daxi heaven home...some little adorable disabled dog has totally now got it made in the shade.

thank you Jackie so much for the new king sized sheets for my bed and the new dehumidifier too...with winter coming that dehumidifier is critical.

only one really sad note today...poor little jimmy (johanna's visiting ex-saint.)

jimmy LOVED kyle...I mean REALLY LOVED OVER THE MOON, HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE, LOVED kyle. and now kyle is gone and jimmy sits staring into kyles empty bed, missing his best-est ever best friend.

I will tell johanna when she gets back that jimmy wants her to get him his very own dachshund.





Mo glad Sophie's oweeee is going to be OK...YEA for Kyle..happy happy day !!