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110 senior animal loving seats empty?

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2015


Sheila told me today, we have sold 90 tickets to the heartfelt thanks to those 90 people.
I wanted to sell all 200..i wanted folks to be breaking down the doors to celebrate and support senior and special needs animals. I wanted to see a sea of 200 faces who loved and cared for shep...for annie...for groot...for raven, for Crosby, for bob, the four cat newbies and 2 broken legs rosie..for our lost red whirling wonder phoebe...a room full of human beings working together for one single night to make sure these old and broken homeless animals are not forsaken and forgotten, that they have a decent and kind place to go to.

I know the point of the evening is actually to raise money to support the work that we do.

but for me, I care less about money and a lot more about not being alone, about knowing I am part of a small (but not too small) mighty army of like minded people who think worn out and neglectfully used, tossed aside animals are beautiful.

misery likes company but senior and special needs animal rescuers... like company too.

I adore these animals, I think they are so amazingly wonderful and this year especially after 11 years of soul bruising 24/7's, I really wanted to see 200 people who think they are amazingly wonderful too.

hope floats that I will.



Hi Niki I am just emailing you the link. You can also just click on the slide that says Wishes 4 Whiskers on the front page an it will take you to the Events page on this website.


Off Topic

I see we came in third in the Shelter Challenge for Canada. Don't know if this equals any greenbacks for S.A.I.N.T.S © :=)

Niki c

Hey there. Are you able to send me a link for the event? I am trying to round up a group but having a tough time finding it. Many thanks. Niki


Hey everyone!

We have a table going with 6 spots filled and we're looking for 2 more people to come in on it! Is anyone interested?


Sheila, I made it out to the shelter this week. I put my table sponsorship in the safe.


Hi Suzanne - Yes your cheque has arrived, thank you so much, I will be depositing it today.


Hi Carol/Sheila,
I sent a check for Ziggy and Shadeau on the 23rd of August. It hasn't cleared my bank yet so I am just checking to see if it got there. Please let me know asap if it did not.


It will happen Carol; people always wait till the last minute....your faith in animal lovers/rescuers will come thru. In the end...broken, special needs animals will be celebrated and supported'll be a great night for Saints..just wait.. There is an army out there supporting your unending efforts to ensure broken, old, crippled, leaking souls are valued and loved. Hope does float.