Rescue Journal

a new old lucky one.

Carol  ·  Sep. 6, 2015

the day started out pretty badly for us...we ran out of water again argh! luckily allied is so good to us and sent a water truck over within a couple of hours.

the day got progressively better...michelle and I went out to Chilliwack spca to pick up our new pig.

when I first saw her, my heart broke..poppy had been found all alone on Chilliwack mountain, right after that last terrible windstorm and rain. she was totally emaciated. the spca got her into the vets right away and they said she is quite elderly, has painful arthritis, sent her home with some pain meds and they trimmed down her overgrown hooves a bit so she can walk a little bit better.
I knew all of this before I saw her but it was still a jolt to the heart when I saw her so pathetically thin.
just the thought of her out there, struggling to survive and suffering all hurt.

anyway..the good news is she was safe now and the spca staff were happy that she was able to come to saints. as soon as we got home we set her up with a good and safe comfort zone, Dionne coated her paper dry skin with some baby oil and we started feeding her some yummy pears for treats. I also shared a bit of a cold beer with her which she liked A LOT!
she has been rolling over for tummy rubs with shelley, coming up to say hi to all the new folks she met, her little tail pretty much has not stopped wagging..i think she will be very happy here.

it is a good way to end the day, knowing someone's life had the chance to get turned around, knowing someone thru a bunch of human kindness has found good care, companionship and a deep and forever abiding love.Welcome home poppy, you will never be hungry, frightened or alone, ever again!

Shelley's photo of poppy today


Linda Ciccozzi

This is my first experience getting to befriend a pig! Just love little Poppey. She is trusting and very friendly. She stole my heart when she walked up to me, speaking pig, wiggling her wet nose, tail spinning and looking right at me. Poppy will definitely be on my visiting list when she moves or to the barn area! Welcome Poppy😍


My dog saw Lynn and her saints fosters and tried to go walk with them instead of me :) So happy poppy looks happy already :)


You had beer !!..Lol

Just before Poppy stole my heart..she broke it. So very happy she is with SAINTS and a big bad hex on the bastards that made or let this happen.


It did my heart good to see Poppy's tail whirling around like a windmill today while she was eating.....she seemed so happy.....
Oh, and Rosalie does not think she should be on bed rest...she was very happy to be out running around the kitchen for awhile...Hope she didn't overdo it...