Rescue Journal

new dog in...and updates

Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2015


oreo is a cardiac dog, most likely a BC/shep cross??...doesn't look all that old.
he is pretty stressed and anxious altho it didn't stop him from cadging a ton of my dinner ( we all shared nacho's!)
note to everyone, watch your fingers...he has a well developed "crunch the chip quick" jaw black and white nacho crocodile!

I put him in with the old farts in the computer room, but I am thinking june and posse might be a better fit. hmmm..i will leave it for now and decide later cuz I just don't feel like more intro's tonight.

gary had a dental today and lost 6 of his teeth. I picked him up after work tonight and he was happy to get home. he dived into the soupy cat food laid out, apparently he was starving!

the four new cats go in for their testing over the next couple of days..this is good because some of them really want out of their cages.

poppy is settling in well..such a lovely little pig.

benny was a bit slow to get moving today so the staff upped his pain meds. he has been more active tonight so he must be feeling better.

looks like the ticket sales are going better for the gala...I am still hoping for a sold out crowd. so many absolutely lovely old and wrecked animals deserve a full house!


Carol A.

Mr. B&W-Nacho-Crocodile aka Oreo...... is the image of my MacTavish, lost this spring to Cancer. It took me aback to see his face on your blog this morning.

He is so lucky to be with you... though if he is anything like my Mac he will soon cajole his way into your bedroom to sleep by the bed on the floor. Mac loved people and he gave incredible hugs.... Oreo will be your very best and smartest love ever.