Rescue Journal

updates on the newbies

Carol  ·  Sep. 16, 2015

patches, sasha, holiday and binx are all settling in nicely...and all of them are great little cats too. altho diabetic holiday is pissing on everything in sight. but whatever, he is still a really sweet guy!

I have to say that I already know that oreo is going to be one of my all time favorite dogs. he has great human and animal manners and social skills, he likes to play with toys, he is a fantastic barn dog and he has this absolutely adorable hillbilly head..something about his ears and nose remind me of a Jethro but he is really smart too.
he is a super duper great dog in all respects!

new boy in, sadly he has most likely come here to die. roger rabbit is a smallish tricolor coon hound around 10 yrs old, picked up as a stray with a huge mass pressing on his trachea. he was sad and depressed at SARC, he is happier here (he has a couch!) we have gotten him up and moving, he is eating, drinking, peeing and pooping with help and encouragement (because he would like just to hang out on the couch!) he has met all of the computer and big dog room guys and he seems to like the other dogs quite a lot. I am taking him in to the vet tomorrow to see if we can try steroids to shrink that mass a bit. I think it is too far gone to consider surgery but we'll see what our vet recommends. but I am pretty sure he is palliative.
he is a super duper really nice rescue trooper too!

huge thx to SARC for caring for oreo and roger and giving them both a second chance!



Hi Carol/Sheila,
I had sponsored Shadeau for the gala. I just saw that he found his forever home! Yay Shadeau! Please feel free to transfer his sponsorship to one of your beautiful SAINTS who needs to be represented at the gala... SAINT of your choice.