Rescue Journal

sooo...2 more days til the gala

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2015

and what does our annual big and fancy fundraiser mean to me personally?
a couple of things...
1. it makes me a little bit nervous because I am not really a fancy kind of gal. but Sheila would kill me if I showed up in my t-shirts and sweats.
2. it makes me tired because there is a whole day of rushing around making sure all is well shelter/farm before a long drive over the dreaded pitt river bridge..(my proverbial safety barrier).... this rural fish is out of her water in the big and busy urban world.
3. it makes me happy because each of our animals are recognized and acknowledged as much loved and valued members of this planet we all call home and earth. life before saints may have made them feel invisible but they found their unique and individual voice with us here.
4. it gives me a sense of satisfaction and inclusion to share in the celebration and brother (sister)hood of these animals with like minded caring people.
5. and a sense of validation that all of the blood, sweat and tears...all of the compassion and endless giving of our supporters, our staff and volunteers is recognized and valued too.
6. I feel very grateful that because of this night, we will be able to continue to say yes to the broken addy's, yes to the dying roger's, yes to the tortured and itchy agnes', and yes to the occasional Oscar the grouches too.
and finally #7...I feel extremely excited to get to see another new and I know wonderful video story (by our very good and talented friend shelley), of the special saints people and saints absolutely fantastic, old and crippled crew!
THE BEST VIDEO (to me) in the whole entire world!!

oh and! looking forward to seeing new and old friends too!



would you please be kind enough to let me sponsor another SAINT who might need a sponsor now that Shadeau has found his forever home? Thank you :)