Rescue Journal

happy post-gala day 1

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2015

my guess was a very successful hope is everyone had a really good time. fantastic job sheila, leila and everyone else! and esp. thx to nat for mc'ing our event so well!!! and i totally loved shelley's new saints video!!!!
the dogs were a bit frantic by the time i got home but settled really quickly once i was back in the house. i cleaned up the accidents and went straight off to bed.

whenever we do things outside of our comfort zone, it stresses and stretches us a bit. i am so utterly glad that 11 years ago, i founded saints. but on gala night or any saints celebration, i find being the founder of saints difficult...i have to dig deep to represent our animals, and i thinking mostly i am lacking in those kind of things.
in any case, i made it thru again but man i am tired this i would like to curl up on the couch with a pillow and blanket and multiple cups of hot sweet tea, and watch the rain out the windows, hitting the ground and happily eventually filling up my well.

hmmm...we all know that's not happening. i have things to do but more importantly...there are 2 palliative dogs taking up the whole couch and neither mika nor roger seem inclined to move.

oh and that reminds me of something...not dying dogs or couches i can't use... it is the much longed for rain that reminds me...

i knew the rain was coming and would be here for several days so i thought i would give one last ditch effort to grow the front yard grass again. sadly all the effort and lovely sprouts that i grew in the spring, did not survive the drought. i went to the garden store and bought that mutated seed that supposedly grows on anything, including cement...hah! that ought to be tough enough for saints!

well..quite frankly i don't know if it is or it isn't because once the seed was down, hordes of little tiny sparrows swooped in and stole the seed.

and this morning i am that mutated, grow on cement seed... safe for birds to eat?

so this morning i am feeling tired and worried and to be me.


alyson nerker

Sorry I missed it. Sounds like it was beyond compare and that's what matters.

Lenore Henry

Many thanks to everyone who made the evening so special - so many caring people who genuinely care about making all the animals at Saints live out their lives how every animal should - lots of care, hugs and of course, Carol's "tim bits"!!


A wonderful evening surrounded by people who care about
SAINTS. Carol, you
Were heartfelt and amazing. The
Video was touching and all
I can say is it makes me
Proud to be part of
Saints every single day!


I am growing white clover seed. Toughest ground cover ever. Green, grows 6 inches maximum, pretty white flowers and don't have to mow it. Did I mention it is green! And grows under multiple dogs! Never mind grass seed.

Emma B

Lovely evening and wonderful food that I am still thinking about today. Thank you to all who helped with it ( the whole evening not just the food!). As usual the video made me cry. Got choked up about Phoebe Rose Hine when Tammy (her Godmother) talked about her on the video. Ate my cupcake for breakfast!


The evening was amazing. I loved the pictures of the animals. The video was great (as we knew it would be), such a fitting tribute to the SAINTS guys.
You could feel the spirit of the animals, especially Phebes ( her spirit was especially present, which would have made her extremely happy).
Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make it come together.


Allie, the cupcakes were so cute....and so delicious; thank you for the nice treat


Really enjoyed the gala - food was good, company was good, video was good!!! Nat did a great job as M.C., and you were great on centre-stage, Carol - you might feel uncomfortable up there, doing your thing, but you come across as cool and competent!!! Everyone involved with organizing did a fantastic job.


It was a wonderful evening for Saints - thoroughly enjoyed myself; and loved the video. Also Carol, thanks for the use of the suite - I had a great sleep.


Carol I think you speak beautifully for the SAINTS animals. You share their hurt, humor, love and life's lessons perfectly. I love the way you raise ethical questions in a respectful, kind and sometimes humorous ways for your audience to ponder.