Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2015

roger is perky tonight...trotting in and out, surrounding me with everyone else to get some of my dinner, baying with happy yearning thru the gate when he saw a tiny girl over in the school yard...roger apparently loves little children.
he has decided he doesn't always need the couch and is trying out one of the nice and soft dog beds. he certainly is feeling much better and is happier than he guess is the steroids are kicking in. they will only work for a limited amount of time, but every good day they give him is a very good day to him.
sweet and happy boy!

satchi and sasha had their vet visits..satchi's bloodwork is back and it is better than it was in july. we are going to try upping his addisons meds and see if better control might make him feel better. sasha's bloodwork isn't back yet and the swab we sent off for his chronic nasal infection will not be back for a few days. so we are still waiting to see if he needs a new antibiotic which i think he does.

tomorrow oreo and holiday go in to the vets..oreo for a cardiac check and holiday for a blood sugar curve.

the dog from up north is not coming..she got a home, yay!

tomorrow we welcome miley... she has been sitting in the shelter for quite awhile. there has been a lot of interest in her but nothing has panned out because of her medical concerns. apparently she is a really nice dog.

there are a couple of shelter dogs on our waiting list but AC says they are fine where they are for the next couple of weeks. this gives us time to settle miley and deal with whatever comes with roger.

erin got foster addie measured and fitted for a wheelchair at the physio's and neurologist's suggestion..erin says addie ain't too keen on it and when in it is pretending to be a dead cat!

i think that is it for the updates...i am still struggling with a cold so i am going to bed.



Hey Erin. I would love to see a pic of Addie playing dead cat. She is such an awesome little cat.


Looking forward to meeting new guys and hoping Oreos check up goes great..he is such a very nice dog


lol michelle..its just makes it look like folks were interested in commenting on this blog!