Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2015

it was a busy day today...a whopping turn out for the tour...almost 30 super nice people, lots of adorable kids. shelagh and i split them into 2 groups.

the chi's went home with johanna so the kitchen is feeling a bit empty..they are such sweet little dogs.

roger may have a terminal diagnosis, and the vets may think he only has a couple of weeks left...but man that dog is happily squeezing in a ton of living. he spent the weekend as a barn dog, charming volunteers and visitors alike. tonight he was quite insistent that he was in fact eating most of my pizza and who am i to argue with a dying dog?

he is such a love sponge, soaking up a lifetime of wanting to be loved in his last moments.

roger makes every second count!

miley has settled in quickly. she is sad tho that she can't join us on the field runs or hang out at the barn. but with her partially torn cruciate she is not allowed to be going too far. she does adore playing with her toys so i think she is fairly content here.

sasha is hanging in with his new meds, he looks slightly better today. he is eating fairly well so i am ok with how he is doing. the culture and sensitivity results should be back on monday.

new dog coming in from animal is a little pom with significant liver disease. i will pick him up in the next day or so.

that's it for the news i think.



what a heartbreak that a dog like roger has to come to a place to die in order to find the love that he should have had for his whole life
May the good Lord bless all of you for giving these animals the best gift they could have ever gotten

Lenore Henry

To me, when these broken souls arrive at Saints, their will to carry on is endless....Roger looked so "at home" in the barn area yesterday, trotting around taking in all the attention he was getting by everyone - it was so heartwarming to see - such a great dog.


I can't believe the difference in Roger - last week lying on the couch, with no inclination to move; and this weekend, he's running with his tail wagging and bright eyes. Wonderful to see....
Another cool thing today was seeing Alysson take Kayah for a walk ...a first for Kayah! Alysson has been working hard gaining her trust.