Rescue Journal

house bedtime rules

Carol  ·  Oct. 1, 2015

as per poppy the pig.

  • i do not go outside to pee and poop before bedtime until AFTER my bedtime snack.

  • should you try to coerce or trick me into going outside BEFORE my bedtime snack, i will slam the door shut and leave you outside in the dark by yourself.

  • if you think this was some kind of an accident by a slightly uncoordinated, somewhat confused pig, i will disabuse you of this notion by purposefully slamming the door on you TWICE more because i do not go outside at night BEFORE my bedtime snack.

  • when you finally get it, and give me my snack..i will then patiently but obviously wait at the door for you to open again.

  • humans are handy but not very takes three times to teach them even the simplest things.