Rescue Journal

thank you helga!

Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2015

anthony hopkins looks a bit better tonight...not so rocky rolly. he still isn't eating/drinking tho so we are now syringe feeding.

sasha seems to be finally coming out of the sick zone. he looks pretty tired like he has fought a hard battle but we are so happy that he made himself win!

ewok is doing the slow downward slide...her ancientness is catching up to her.

i am back to work, blah..i could use another three weeks off.

in all the kerfuffle of worrying about our little sick buddy..i totally forgot to publicly thank helga for doing such a great job (again!) on the garage sale. i did thank her in person so i am not a total ingrate! just got distracted and forgot to post it on the blog. not that helga all of the years i have worked with her, one thing is always crystal shining clear...helga is here for the animals...100% pure altruistic. she loves our guys and does everything she can to help care for them, her pure, unfettered goodness and grace us a gift to all of us here.

anyway...thank you to helga...and all of her helga helpers....super great job!


alyson nerker

Great work and Great news from the Yard Sale Crew ! So good to hear. Thank you !!


Yay Helga! Sorry I forgot those fricken video games. I'll get them to you for next time.


Curt, you rock too. The trains, the Action Man stuff etc. just flew out.


A lot of the credit goes to the whole yard sale crew - Brenda Barbaro, Emma, Penny and Diane. And to our incredibly generous donators of sale items. Wade, you rock!