Rescue Journal

it has been a sad couple of days at saints

Carol  ·  Oct. 16, 2015

we lost ewok on wed. our vet kindly came here to help her pass gently in her own bed. ewok had been slowly declining over the past few months as her incredible old age started affecting her ability to live. wow, 18 years old...the last 4 years spent as being one of my very best friends.

ewok was a lover, she gave her heart freely to whoever would accept it. she was a sweet and gentle dog who loved 2 things best.....

she loved to be touched and she loved to share my dinner. her best evenings of all were when i had supper sitting next to her on the corner of my bed.

for weeks we have been watching for that moment when ewok finally noticed her failing body and her eyes lost that spark of light and joy that they always seemed to have.

we waited for the day when she said...i am getting tired, it has been a long journey and i am ready to rest.

all of us miss our fuzzy ewokie...the gentle light spirit that for the past four years has warmed us and made us feel so blessed.

rest in peace sweetie, forever you are in our hearts yet greatly missed.

sasha was euthanized yesterday at our vets. he started having real difficulty breathing so before he was sedated for scoping, flushing and looking to confirm if there was a tumor in his nasal cavity..i asked for a chest xray first.

despite weeks of 3 different and continual antibiotics appropriate for the bacteria that grew from the C&S, despite weeks of appetite stimulants and intermittent days of syringe feeding to ensure he received adequate nutrition and fluids...he just kept getting worse.

it was one of those slow kind of progressions, the ones where he started from not great, but certainly ok until suddenly it wasn't ok and we needed to drastically do something.

the xray showed his lungs were devastated by pneumonia, one of them had probably collapsed the evening before which was why his breathing had suddenly gotten so was enough.

more than enough. sasha was suffering from our desperation to help him get well. from our need to be sure there was no hope left. it wasn't fair and it wasn't kind, any hope for this sweet cat had become a fantasy.

i held him as the vet assisted him to pass. as always, sasha was kind, gentle and loving until he was finally free.

rest in peace sasha, where ever you are now, i hope you are soaring free.

trick, one of our sweet bunnies has been diagnosed with mammary cancer and is terminal.

we will be watching her daily for any signs that her time is coming near.

our goal will be to be respectful and allow her to finish her life as comfortably, pain and stress free with as few interventions and intrusions into her daily life as possible. mostly we will just be watching and observing and letting trick and treat enjoy each other for as long as they can.



I have never met any of you at SAINTS, but will be printing and filling out adoption forms so as to meet Boomer. I lost my 13 yr old lab Shiloh on Sept. 3, and read your posts and cried, bless you all there and I can't wait to meet you all.


Yeah, I remember Smokey and Ewok arriving at Saints too. Sweet dogs.....Rip had such a lovely face - and temperament to match ...Smokey will be happy to be with you again. I will miss you.
RIP Sasha..I really did not know you well, but it sounds like there were lots of loving hearts helping you to have a good end of life.


this confuses and concerns me.. this is the first time i have heard any concern from anyone regarding trick's weight...the staff report her weight has been and still is stable, she is eating and drinking normally, she has not yet displayed any signs or symptoms of being ill....the tumors were discovered by accident during her routine health check, we weren't looking for anything to worry about because ashe hasn't been ill.. in any case, just a reminder to everyone, please report any concerns regarding the health or well being of our animals as soon as something is noticed..days, weeks or months later, could be too late.

Wendy Scott

Was so upset to hear....was dreading to hear this news... But knew that she was getting old. I will always remember Ewok as a sweet gentle dog who loved to be held and talked to. I am grateful that Carol and Saints gave her and Smokey a chance to live their life out together. Especially Carol for being there for them. Ewok never liked being alone . Run free
To play with Smokey now.

Carol A.

what a sad, sad week, sending long distance hugs from all of us. we lost our Matavish this spring to cancer in his sinus cavity.... horrible, horrible filthy vicious..... no good words to fix that heart ache. Ewok was a joy and Sasha sweet cat...
so very sorry for your heart ache at the passing of these sweet souls....

lynne arnason

loved ewok it was always a challenge to change her bed as that was her comfy spot she will be missed so sorry about sasha and the bad news on trick

Lenore Henry

So sorry Carol and everyone at Saints for the loss of both Ewok and their sweet souls.


I remember when Ewok & Smokey first came to us years ago.....2 of the sweetest old dogs you could meet. Ewok I will miss the laughs I got on tours as we tried to get into the bed buddy room and I stated "we work around our animals as this is their home" you always liked to lay in front of the door just to prove me right. Run free our dear sweet girl........

shelagh f

Ewok and Sasha will be missed. how nice to have the vet come to
help Ewok pass


What a tough week! Thank you for your assistance for these wonderful souls.


Sad times for sure. Run free, Ewok & Sasha. Poor Trick - we had noticed she was slowly losing weight for quite some time now. Two sick bunnies in two weeks - tough. Every loss at Saints tugs at our hearts & it's even harder when they happen together.