Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 22, 2015

georgia is slowly settling in....renee made her a bed with stairs to the chair in my room, and she has been snuggling in under the blankets. she is a very sweet little dog.

bud our felv positive cat got the home of his dreams last night. he is out on an adoption trial, hoping his new felv positive sister feels comfortable with his addition to her family.

we think it is daisy who has been periodically vomitting over the past couple of days. no one has actually seen her vomit but she does have diarrhea and is off her food so we think it is her. she has been started on meds and gastro diet so we are hoping she feels better soon.

miley saw the vet the other day and had a seroma drained from her knee. trying to keep it draining, she goes back in for a recheck on friday.

i will be picking up 2 new old wrecked dogs from AC on monday...magee is a 15 yr old, grumpy, biting, fuzzy little thing and spot is a sweet, pointer/lab cross with a severely deformed leg.

i think that is pretty much it for the recent news.

i was thinking last night that i need to do something about my frustration level. i usually use an analogy or a metaphor to bring some kind of perspective to my odd rescue world.
so here is my newest analogy...

rescue is like a puzzle...and puzzles have pieces that have to fit together perfectly to portray an accurate map of our world.

the animals are 120 pieces, the staff and volunteers are another 50 or so, our obligations to the public, donors, vets and suppliers are another huge handful, our physical enviroment, our needs in terms of resources to do our work are many more pieces and then there is our standards of care, our ideals, beliefs, our policies and short..the senior and special needs animal rescue dream in all of it's varied parts.

i can't really just toss all of the pieces up in the air and hope they all land and fit into where they should be.

it takes patience, forethought, careful consideration....

the rescue puzzle probably has a thousand pieces and we can carefully fit them altogether but if at the end one single piece is damaged or misplaced and lost...we have a puzzle with a hole in it.

finished puzzles with holes in them are pretty much useless.... might as well take them apart and put them right back in the box.



Haha, we didn't know about the paper shredding. The cats played a Halloween prank on me. I woke up to find a glass of water had been knocked to the floor. When I reached for some paper towels to clean it up I found this!


Great news for Bud. I hope his new family keeps the paper towel and toilet paper out of his reach or Bud could teach his new sister a thing or two.


Right on, Shelagh. Bud was so lonesome in his isolation room. I am happy for him.

shelagh f

I will pray and keep my fingers crossed Bud and the resident
cat hit it off. He will be turning himself inside out with all the