Rescue Journal

this weekends good news!

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2015

andy continues to rally...he is eating well and taking all of his meds. YAY andy!!!

teek has gone home into permanent foster care with jamie and daryl. teek is going to be spoiled rotten and she is going to blossom and bloom with their wonderful loving care!!!

and finally..little black buddy, the sweet little tasmanian devil i wrote about below was adopted today. he has gone to live with a wonderful couple who adopted thomas mann...a bit of grumpy cat from me 13 years ago. black buddy has won the little sweet but obnoxious dog lotto!


lynne arnason

oh i am going to miss buddy he had a piece of my heart from theget go way to go sweetheart glad you got your forever home


Omg fabulous weekend news!!! Both Buddy and Teek :-).....2 lucky dogs and 2 very blessed families.


Yeah, great to see Andy eating today, and I was actually teary watching Buddy leaving with his new happy for him, but I will miss him too...such a great day!
Oh, and I took Willy for a walk and he loved it ...just bounced along happily..he's obviously used to walks, as he doesn't seem to want to just go out into the front yard to walk around. Sweet boy.

shelagh f

isn't that great that there are people out there that want
an animal that may not be what everyone else wants.
applause to all who have taken in special animals

alyson nerker

Definitely good news Sunday <3 Wishing the best for all the Saints :)