Rescue Journal

two more saints find a great home.

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2015

both gerry and willie have been lucky enough to find a new great family of their own. the family's last much loved dog suffered from liver disease so they are well aware and right on board with providing the special care that both gerry and willie need.


wow...four great (but slightly wrecked) dogs had their dreams come true in just over 2 days!!!

new guys in from AC...i told you about spot and magee last week. they have been patiently waiting for a spot here for the past month and today was their move in day.
spot is just lovely...sweet, friendly dog. he sees the vet tomorrow to check out his deformed, contracted leg. and little grumpy magee has been pretty good, not so terribly grumpy so far. both are settling in nicely, both are super sweet dogs!!




Spot looks young. How old would you say he is?
They are both very cute, though.


Wow, both Gerry and Willie have gone together?..I met the family yesterday when they were intially interested in Gerry, so that is sooo great. ....and welcome Spot and Magee. Can't wait to meet you two.