Rescue Journal

good lord! six new dogs in one week!!

Carol  ·  Oct. 30, 2015

spot is doing great, his amputation is booked for late november.

magee is doing great..pretty damn happy and good with the other dogs, can be a bit nippy with people he doesn't know.

little georgia, dumped in the driveway is slowly settling in.
todays incoming were:

itsybitsy teenieweenie tiny...a sweet little maltese with a pretty nasty mammary tumor...she is sweet with people...a little bit haggy with the other dogs tho.

mojo..reminds me of lexie...sweet collie/husky/lab cross. unneutered male who came from a pretty damn horrible place.

and on her way from surrey is hazel a little fat chi cross with some medical and fear issues.

hazel is sporting a recent california shelter tattoo/microchip and the spca suspects tiny is a displaced california dump too. so while i don't give a ratz ass where a dog is rescued from..i have HUGE issues with anyone who brings in out of country dogs, calling it rescue, and then does a beyond abysmal shitty rescue job.

someone should invent a cure for import animal stupid...or maybe some folks who truly suck at it could just stop doing it.