Rescue Journal

benny has died

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2015

the kind staff at emergency, helped him to end his life gently and peacefully.

such a loss.

i have so many conflicting feelings inside me..great love, great sadness, great gratitude because with benny, my life was blessed.

and there is a volcanic rage smoldering inside me that this incredibly sweet, kind, gentle, accepting and very wise dog..never once from the moment of his birth, til the moment of his death, never for one single moment had the kind of home that he so truly deserved.

the heart of benny never faltered. it was full of love, full of loyalty, full of faith, full of everything wonderous and pure.

rest in peace good dog.

i love you.



I wish I could have kept him :( I was his first original home :( He was well loved with me until I had to give him up :( I was forced to give him up.


I am reminded of that saying "home is where the heart is". Benny's heart was with you Carol so he did have his forever, great home. Benny was and is a great dog R.I.P. Benny.


Benny didn't begin life until he came to you Carol. Thank you for giving him a home (;

Carol A.

Benny sharing all his heart with everyone at SAINTS did so, because he was freed to love in your care.

He could blossom in the safety and take comfort from all that was given. a warm bed, a dry safe place to close his eyes and rest. sweet friends to play with, people to hug and give him loving. and when his time here ended, someone to help him, to hold him tight, to cry in his soft ruff, and whisper their love in his ear. He was not alone, hungry, cold or forgotten. He was safe with you.
rest softly sweet Benny, we will see you at the bridge.


Benny (along with his old pal Jelly) was one of my faves with his wolfish type warning howl. Sorry to hear of yet another loss in the past week


I am heartbroken. He was a truly amazing dog that none of us will forget. I love you Benny. I am so sorry Carol 💔

lynne arnason

benny did have his forever and deeply loved home that was with you carol we all saw how much he loved you he would wait for you to come home he would go to the barn only if you were going how much more can a dog profess his love he loved u deeply and unconditionally he had a great life with you you should be proud of such a great dog loving you so much rip benny you were loved by all and i will miss your gentle ways and sweet disposition


Your heart was Benny's home Carol....and he was treasured - such a beautiful boy.....we're all sad for your loss........big hug to you......


So very sorry Carol. Benny was blessed to have found a home with you!

alyson nerker

Benny had Saints. His home where he was cared for, loved, honoured, and cherished. Which is more than a lot of animals get. Home is where the love is. His home was a Great one. Thank You Carol, and all the volunteers and staff, for being the sweetest angels on earth.


Very sad. I don't know what his story was but he sure looked like a beautiful dog.


)))hugs((( such a loss.......Benny truly had a pure heart and soul...his big presence will be greatly missed...RIP

Linda Ciccozzi

Carol, as you already know, I have shed many tears today as the loss of Benny has hit me deep in my heart. He was the epidemy of all the great qualities one would hope for in their fur Friend! He will surely be missed by all that had the privilege of knowing him.
He did have a great life with you Carol, as you gave Benny a home, albiet not your regular kind of home..better, full of love, kindness, plenty of fur friends, many people to give him more love and, yes, plenty of food! You gave him love and life. He gave you love and life. Isn't that all that a dog wants and needs. You are the one who made Benny a Saint!😇 RIP sweet boy 🐾💕.


Oh and he did have a good home! I was the first one and he was loved by me and my then roomate. It was the second home where he was not loved


Thank you for loving him Carol! I'm glad you were his last home even when I couldn't care for him any longer after me being his first home. He is now up there with his late k9 sister Velvet….


Benny had you, Carol - he was more than happy with that. So sad. Rest peacefully, beautiful boy.


That is heart breaking news, I'm so sorry Carol, big hugs to you....sweet dreams Benny you were truly an amazing gentle giant, such a lovely boy.

Lenore Henry

Our sincere condolences to you Carol and everyone at Saints on the loss of your beautiful Benny - rest peacefully now sweet boy.

Owen and Lenore


Oh Benny, you will be greatly missed by all who knew you. Fitting that it happened on All Saints Day as you were the epitome of a Saints dog--gentle, kind and loved. My deepest sympathy for you Carol and staff


I am sooo so sorry Carol. Such a shock and what a gentle giant. He will be greatly missed. Rip Benny. :(


World's Best Dog. I'm still in shock that this happened. I'm so sorry Carol.