Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2015

tiny saw the vet..she is most likely palliative. we may consider debulking that massive mammary tumor as a palliative measure but i need to discuss it with dave our vet when he gets back from holidays since he is the one who will be doing the surgery if we decide to go that route. in the meantime, its all about tiny's happiness and comfort with good pain control.

hazel is also probably palliative, she has significant cardiac there may be some fluid accumulation in her abdomen which is not a very good thing. she has started on the whole gambit of cardiac meds...foretkor, vetmedin, lasix, hycaden and we will see how she does.

mojo had his vet visit today (thx jamie!) he had his blood work and once it is back and he is cleared for surgery i will book him in for his neuter, dental, ear flush and mass removal.

the other saints newbies...georgia, magee and spot are all doing well.

and that's it for the news today.