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so how is it kind...

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2015

responsible or respectful to fly 100+ crated dogs up from california, immediately put them in a noisy, cold and cavernous airplane hanger surrounded by a crowd of hundreds of human strangers eagerly awaiting their turn at a pick a pet? cameras are flashing and recording, mega phones are blaring, the dogs are set loose in cement floored wired pens with strange dogs they have never met while humans mill around, peering at them looking for their perfect new pet.

how to terrify a helpless dog..well actually... 100 dogs...while humans make it appear to be a heroic event.

honestly, no one could come up with a kinder, gentler, more respectful, compassionate way to rescue 100 dogs?

probably not, humans are too into the glory of it..the feelings of those poor new age death row rescue trophy circus dogs, did not matter at all.

everyone involved should be cringing with shame.



What I don't understand is why this was a media event. If the rescue is doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, maybe they can be educated to go about this a better way and actually take time to match dogs with owners so that it's a FOREVER home.
As is, it comes across as a show and I'm worried that these poor animals are not very high on the list of priority.
IF you pull an animal from death row, make sure that this animal has a great forever home so that it never has to see the inside of a shelter again.


What is worrisome is that these large adoptions could become a trend.


A rescue like that is a business. It's about the money and only the money. I was recently looking for a dog online and came across a lot of them very similar to that. They wait until they have X number of homes and then make up a plane load from California or China or India or wherever.


All dogs that are brought into the country that have microchips, should have the numbers recorded by Canada Customs as belonging to that rescue. As well, they should have a vet (or tech) on hand to chip the dogs that don't have chips and they should also be recorded by Canada Customs as belonging to that rescue. Then perhaps, we would finally know how many of these dogs wind up homeless and filling up our shelters and the "rescues" responsible for this could be fined and held responsible.

lynne arnason

people do it for their own egos im sure not on purpose but it must be terrifying for those dogs. no one knows those dogs how can they pick out their animal that will fit into their homes its like picking out a piece of furniture except these are living beings for sure it is our ego hopefully some will get a good home but if not where do they end up. it is sickening how all animals are treated. they r a commodity not something with real feelings and emotions.


Brenda, I hope Truffles is ok. I will head to house when I am done in MP.


Alyson, Linda, and Shawn,
So sorry, but I have to take Truffles into the vet this am due to post op concerns - didn't know till 6am this morning - so can't be there, today . ! Feel badly about such short notice.