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rememberance day

Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2015

the day that we honor and remember those who risked their lives to fight for our freedom.
freedom against tyranny.
freedom...its a powerful's a powerful ideal.
freedom is also a responsibility we all share to take seriously.

our freedom fighters did not give a shit what starbucks holiday coffee cups look like.

freedom actually allows us to choose to drink coffee from that cup or not.

freedom allows us to wish others well during many different holidays, from many different beliefs, customs and cultures..or not. whatever we personally prefer.

freedom does not allow us tho to take our beliefs or lack there of, to accept or erase..and force our agenda's on the rest of the world.

sadly, freedom even allows us to focus on the petty and trivial instead of some of the truly important global issues threatening life and freedom for billions.

we need to get over the starbucks cup and remember those that died for a better world.



Well said Carol......hear hear,! and Johanna I would love to see that ceremony


In London, on Park Lane there is a very beautiful statue to the Animals of War which was unveiled a few years ago by Princess Anne as President of The British Horse Society. Every year on Remembrance Day members of the various animal welfare societies lay wreaths in honour of the many, many animals who suffered and died in war.

Also The Dogs of War Society travels every year from England to Ypres to lay a wreath at Menin Gate in honour of the dogs of war. They are part of the official ceremony and the dog wearing the dogs of war insignia goes up with the wreath and his companion along with all the other dignitaries. The companion lays the actual wreath but the dog is very much part of the ceremony.

Both these ceremonies are very moving because we often forget that terrible price that animals paid in war and continue to pay, often with their lives.