Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2015

the vet put a drain in miley's leg...she has had the post op seroma drained several times. hopefully the drain will stop it from forming again. she gets the drain out in 5 days.

gary has been going downhill and had blood work should be back tomorrow.

maestro has been having diarrhea for several days, he goes into the vets tomorrow.

the staff report that binx looks painful in his hind end...we started him on pain meds but if he isn't better he too will have to go in.

rosie finally had her spay and last pin removed today. she moves into her adoptive home once she is healed in a couple of weeks.

mojo goes in for his neuter and mass removal on the 23rd and has a potential adoption pending soon after too.

new cat in today...kale is an unclaimed stray from SARC, he has cancer and is here for palliative care.

new incoming soon also from SARC...a geriatric, partially blind chow. he had his neuter today and will be looking for a ride from SARC to saints in the next day or two...anyone available???

i think that is most of the news.


Julie DeCosta

Hi Carol,

My friend and I dropped by your sanctuary unexpectedly on Saturday November 14th around 1pm, but without an appointment. We dropped some dog and cat food off in a bag and carrots for the horses and then quickly left.
Hope our small donation can help your animals....


Sorry, I do know that sweet boy, and I know he's been sliding for awhile, but just sad to see him slip even further :(