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Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2015

have you read a hundred of these kinds of posts? have you seen everything about ethical rescue clearly laid out in black and white?

the problem for me is in between the black and the white of rescue, are various shades of grey...i don't mean shady, human profiteering practices..i mean that place where your heart hits a brick wall with your head.... is how i try to do rescue right

1. i try to eliminate stupid and ignorant from my thoughts and actions. if this is truly only about rescuing then i need to ensure i am rescuing intelligently. the animals deserve to be rescued responsibly, compassionately and with dignity. their rescue is not for glory or money or to provide a temporary, fairy tale warm and fuzzy to any human being...including me.
2. i try to remove stupid and ignorant from the minds and hearts of others. i educate, i teach..i deny the wishes of instant gratification seekers. i take the warm and fuzzy fairy tales soaring thru the rainbow clouds and bring them back down to earth to meet reality...the real and breathing, flawed and never perfect, animals. (and for gawds freaking sakes...there is no such animal as micro or tea cup is a marketing ploy!!!)
3. i try to eradicate stupidity and ignorance in regards to animals living within our with animals in human life is not a right, it is a priviledge that has to be earned. so no you are not entitled to purchase that cute puppy in the window just because you saw and really wanted him or her....not when that puppy's parents are currently suffering untold agony in the originating puppy mill.
4. i try to argue against stupid and ignorant human decisions that not only allows and accepts animal exploitation but promotes it as please...lets not fly in and shove 100 terrified dogs into an airplane hanger for a warm and fuzzy, media frenzy, pick a pet event and somehow call it heroic.
5. basically i always try to do rescue right but man..that stupid and ignorant animal/human relationship brick wall is awfully thick and mighty high.
( sometimes i really i wish god gave me a match and some dynamite sticks to blast stupidity and ignorance that is so unkind and disrespectful to animals, right back to hell where it belongs.)


Barbara S do so much good. Many of us are frustrated with the actions we see when 'humans' are claiming to do good by the animals and in fact the only benefactor is the human.....whether that's money or glory.

I love all animals including seniors. When one of my two sisters became diabetic 1.5 years ago I was shocked to learn that many people merely put the dog down when they discover that. I guess they convince themselves that it's for the dog's good but I know different. A year and half later, 10 this month, she is doing well! I caught it early because I am tuned in to my dogs behaviour but she does need injections twice a day. It is a commitment but one very worth it. I cannot imagine putting an animal down, giving it away, surrendering it or simply walking away because she's old and needs god I love my animals and intend to always be there for them no matter what....including those difficult senior years. I'm so thankful there is an organization like yours that 'get's it'.

Barbara T


You are so right and Carol I do wish that others in Rescue had your same believes.

Each animal that comes into our care deserves that we give them 110% towards their quality of life, not qualify what we do as a PR news item so that there is a feel good emotion at the animals expense.

I foster and adopt senior special need small breed dogs and each and every one of them are here because they a special, not to make me feel good. I am blessed that I am able to have each dog join my family.

Barbara T


The problem is that stupid and ignorant are reading this and NOT recognizing they are the stupid and ignorant...and saying to themselves great post Carol.
Maybe not a problem because it can't be changed for stupid and ignorant to recognize themselves ... it is just irritating. And I am not talking about the public I am talking about RESCUE being stupid and ignorant.