Rescue Journal

the adorables

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2015

sometimes it is so hard not to be disheartened when living in such a disheartening world. such a simple solution to combat the abuse and misuse of all of the animals we rescue and for human beings too.

respect and kindness..if every single person on this planet just practiced living these two simple things every day..what a wonderful world we all could live in.

well..i guess i can start it here...

the adorables

so many of our animals are totally messed up..lynne and i counted up the deaths we had here so far this year...36 animals called saints their final home.
but messed up or not, so many of our guys are adorable. some everyone gets to see their shining light..some only i get to see.

oscar the grouch...on the surface what an angry, nasty little toad. screaming his head off and quite determined to bite anyone foolish enough to try to be kind to him. and yet i see a different oscar..i get to see his waggy little tail as he anticipates a walk with me. i see the joy on his face when i tell him he is so cute, so adorable, such a sweet boy. inside that prickly and unpredictable bugger there sits a sweet little dog with a heart of gold. i don't know why he can't let that little nice guy out a little bit more.

agnes the ugly she is actually cute. her skin is a total disaster and to keep it halfway decent is a crap load of work. she leaks urine on my bed, she has terrible bladder control. we try to keep incontinent pads under her when she is on the bed but she likes to scrunch them up when she is playing or adjusting her bed to get comfortable. she terrifies me when she gets playful because she hasn't a clue how to not pierce me with her sticky out teeth. and yet aggie is cheerful, always up for a game. and as long as she is not in a playful mood, she is a great snuggling buddy too. nicole calls her "ridiculous" and in every respect she truly is. just a silly, sweet, ridiculous and ugly dog who is impossible not to fall head over heels in love with.

hazel..i call her the fat little squirrel.... gasping, coughing, choking..most times right in my ear. she has a collapsing trachea that screws up her breathing whenever she gets excited. the problem is that all you have to do is look at her to turn on the happy, excited switch. she sounds like she is dying but really she is just over the top joyful living...go figure.

conan the barbarian cat...there is not one single surface that he will not spray 2 inches in front of you. he has no civilized manners and he is not the least burdened by shame. he is just a plain old black cat..nothing special to look at. but man he loves head bumps and kisses to his nose and he only draws blood and sticks you with his claws if you don't give him enough of those.

chloe is a beautiful pure white cat and she always uses the litter box. but she will not let people touch her if she can help it. she watches from a distance or scoots quickly out of the way but she has the prettiest eyes and she seems to like living here as long as we give her some space.

oh..i almost anger management issue! nothing is cuter than finishing his walk with a stop by the shop toy box. tonight he turned down the stuffed squirrel, and the bright colored ball and chose the red sucky soother looking thing. once he had his new treasure he hot footed right back to his couch. for such a bad tempered jack ass he is an incredibly adorable dog.

so many lovely beings with so many broken pieces and with many sad stories to tell and yet they can still spread laughter instead of tears.

i wish all of the discarded, lost and forgotten adorables out there had a kinder world.



Wow, love this post - such beautiful insights into each of these special Saints.


Wow.....what an awesome description of those animals. They really are so cute and adorable and wonderful - love them all ❤️❤️❤️