Rescue Journal

and we go...

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2015

lady is here...lovely sweet dog altho she is a bit of an emotional freak. she didn't do well once the house staff left for the day..luckily anne and dionne came in to check on her before the laundry room gate became nothing more than just tooth picks. they sat with her til i got home.

first order of business was to outfit her in a thunder shirt..the biggest we have is a bit small but will do in a pinch. i will pick up a bigger one for her tomorrow.
second order of business was out for a pee and then back in the house for some pizza therapy. i thought about trying her with the bed buddies but i think that might not be a great idea sooo
third order of business was to intro her to the computer dogs because i suspect i will have to sleep with her and i prefer a couch to the floor.

1,2, and 3 are accomplished and she is currently asleep at my feet.
we are good to go for tonight.

tomorrow worries me..i am on early shift and have to leave by 7 am..the staff do not arrive until 9. i suspect the laundry room gate and her mouth will take a beating in that 2 hours she is alone.

oh sucks but it is what it is.

hope floats she gets over her trauma and settles in soon.

update on miley..she will be staying in at the vets for a couple of days. he is worried the knee is starting to get infected and wants to be able to flush it out several times a day. they took a culture and sent it off..hopefully she doesn't have anything too nasty growing in there.



Hope Miley is ok....and there's no infection; she's been thru enough. Lady must be so scared....hope she now starts to feel safe, and you both get a decent slleep, - fingers crossed she does ok in the am till staff arrive.