Rescue Journal

update on oliver!

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2015

Hi Carol!! I wanted to let you know Oliver had a first great day. I wouldn't be suprised if he gained half a pound already. He didn't seem to like his food this morning until I mixed a small spoon of peanut butter in it, then he was all over it. He also quite likes cooked carrots and eggs. I was suprised to find he could care less about cheese, considering he likes pizza lol. He seems to be adjusting pretty good and has taken to the girls pretty well, following them around, at times today it seemed like he wanted to get involved in playtime. We are really happy he has joined us, thank you for that opportunity!



I was so shockingly happy when Ashley told me this that I almost didn't believe her. I'll miss that old man but couldn't be happier for him (;


On another note, the Shelter Challenge has restarted.

P.S. Great news for Oliver!


It was so nice to meet you this past weekend, I knew you would be a great glad Carol found a Saint she thought would be a fit. I hope Oliver continues to do well he is such a cool dog.....thanks for opening up your heart and home to a senior dog.


I am so glad Oliver found a home! He is pretty special to me, and I know he deserves this so much, as they all do. Thank you for giving him love!!!


That's fantastic news for Oliver he is such a the happy tails!!