Rescue Journal

so lets just say...paradise lost.

Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2015

i really don't know why i take in new dogs. they totally screw up my zen.

in many respects lady is doing far better than i anticipated but in some ways she is hugging the pain in the ass fence. she is settling somewhat, she lays quietly at times, she sleeps, she rests.
but yes i am reduced to sleeping on the floor. the intro to the bed buddies did not go well. and while the computer room does have a couch, it is not big enough for both mika and me and i am not kicking a palliative dog off of a couch that she wants to be on.
step one with lady was to help her settle a bit. step 2 is to stop her from being a resource guarding space, my bowl, my bed..yeah, not. all of this stuff we share.
step three? well that depends on whatever curve balls her rehab throws our way.

matt the new old chow is here...super sweet, kind and lovely old man. unfortunately he was just recently neutered last week so he still smells male which has totally pissed off mojo and turned him into an ass. note to everyone..matt is in the kitchen..mojo is in the computer not let them accidently meet up anywhere! mojo goes in for his neuter next week so hopefully this soon all becomes a non issue but until then we all need to use great care.

last week i was feeling kind of good..lots of recent adoptions and dogs out to foster care.

this week my back and hips hurt from sleeping on the floor. i am rushing to get home asap so lady is not left alone and i am virtually trapped in the house in my off time til we get her over the anxiety hump and i am reluctantly assigned to new/old dog refereeing..and i am really going to be missing sleeping in my bed.

i miss my recent peaceful zen but this too shall pass once we get all of the newbies safely blended into a family unit again.

but maybe no more newbies for quite awhile...i am already a little bit tired of twisting us into pretzels to help them feel better.

oh and just so you know..after trying to intro lady into my bedroom, the staff have declared my bedroom is full of douche bags..i had to laugh because sadly they are right...robbie, pete, simon, kyha and georgia especially.... are total no new dog hags.

hah..they are kind of like those selfish, self entitled rednecked racists "no refugees can come into our already occupied refugee land.
how soon they forget they once were homeless and new refugees too.

i am NOT a hag!!!
yes dear, you are, but we still love you.



i spent a good chunk of last night in my bed, just had to get up a couple of times and sit in here til she calmed down plus anne found a great slightly damaged couch that folds down to a bed which will hold both mika (or whoever) and me so i won't have to sleep on the floor anymore now or in the future,.


Carol, you cannot possibly continue to sleep on the floor - you won't be able to walk at all. Can't you make Mika a nice comfy bed on the floor for a few nights?