Rescue Journal

the pig listener

Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2015

i will never be an animal whisperer..the animals never have listened to me. but i listen to them. they tell me what to do and i try really hard to do it.
i listen, i hear..i do. they like it like that. i also realize that certain little spoiled pigs are not only smarter but are expert manipulators of someone like me. it reminds me of my 3 yr old grandson sucking me into doing something i am not really supposed to be doing for him, like figuring out the foreign remote control to turn on the tv..."i think you can do it grandma, just try.)

i am...
the. perfect. human dupe.

so the staff are most likely going to be slightly annoyed with me. the plan is to transition poppy over to the mp room, we know there is no way she will consent to the barn and the mp room gives her tons of space to explore and wander around, plus she has a very nicely pig proof little fenced back yard with a ramp!

poppy has been going over to spend her days over there...she's comfortable, she likes it, it's great. tonight was going to be her first sleepover. i said i would go over and feed her bedtime snack so she doesn't feel like she is missing anything.
over i go and feed her the snack. she eats it all up and wants to go outside..i assume for a pee. i let her out, she goes to the gate.."no i am not coming back in there, i am going home to sleep."
we argue back and forth a bit but my ankle hurts, its cold, i am tired and i want to go back in. i open the gates as she beelines for the front door. i let her in and she looks for her snack. i said " you just ate it over there!" she said "no..that was an extra, i eat my bedtime snack over here."
"argghhhh. there is no pig food or apples over here, they are all over in the mp room!"
"whatever, i can't go to bed without my snack."
so i dig thru the fridge and give her the only thing i can find that she will like...a small piece of apple pie.

and it occurs to me that i just made a big that she knows there is apple pie over here, i might be in trouble.


damn little pig.


Carol A.

I just read this aloud to my daughter and she just about choked! I have not laughed so hard in a long time! Thank you... thank you!


Ha Ha Ha !!!....we so often create our own little monsters..Poppy will have her daytime spa place and evening dream palace.

shelagh f

it will be interesting to see who wins this battle. my money
is on Poppy

Lenore Henry

With all the negative news going on in this world lately, thanks for the great little happy story - go Poppy!!