Rescue Journal dog in.

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2015

dog life is so cheap.
considering how much effort we put into trying to have the very best life we can possibly get, we sure place little value not only on the quality, but on the quantity of life a dog is allowed to have.
saints welcomes shyla a beautiful, sweet tempered 10 yr old white shepherd cross. her nails were overgrown, her skin has a pretty bad infection, she has some minor arthritis, maybe early dysplagia in her hips..she is a little bit anxious (oh yay..just what i need is another anxiety case!) but she truly is lovely and all of her issues are easily treatable. her original owners had passed away and for the past year and a half she lived with other members of the family. it really wasn't the right home for her, she was afraid of the kids and spent most of the day hiding under a desk. the family got a new dog a few weeks ago, mom was busy with the kids and going back to school so shyla was at the vets for euthanization, the family said they didn't reaize there were other options available.
i went to meet them at the clinic on my lunch break, shyla was signed over to saints and i left her at the vets for all the testing and tune ups that needed to be done..i picked her up after work and brought her home.

we started out in the kitchen but i needed to get in with lady cuz she was pitching a fit. shyla wasn't happy about my leaving so she then pitched a fit. honestly that poor kitchen/computer room door was taking a beating on both sides depending which side i currently wasn't on.

arggghh..crazy, anxious new dogs STOP! i can only be in one place at once.
screw it, they were driving me nutz. i opened the door and let shyla in and everyone jumps up to sniff and friendly mob the new girl. except lady.... who decided she wanted to beat her to shit. no harm done, the spray bottle was in my hand and i quickly sprayed lady into second thoughts, then i made her go lie on her bed and sternly told her..."YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS!" i will give lady credit...she listens and learns. and i think she actually feels more comfortable and secure when i and not she sets the rules.

so i am kind of in new old dog hell BUT...matt the old chow is so lovely, mojo is so loving (except he hates matt!), lady is so uncertainly unsure of her own amazing potential, and shyla is like a sweet dream...and of course georgia, tiny, magee, and that funny fat little squirrel are just finishing their settling in.

8 super great dogs..none of them perfect but then who really is. but i know one thing for absolute sure...every single one of them is happy to be alive, every single one of them likes me quite a lot...because every single one of them now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have value, that they are special and very unique, that they don't have to live to any unfathomable standards..all that is expected of them is that they find their happy.

you guys all give me a headache but it is ok, my bottles of tylenol and ibuprofen are easily well within reach.

welcome to saints shyla..the only thing kind of sucks that my work pants are covered in your hair...maybe we can work on your shedding while you settle into here?



And I bet they didn't get the new dog from a rescue... Probably a puppy mill pup...


Sorry, the family got a new dog? The mom was busy with the kids, so Shyla was taken for euthanization? If they were so busy, why did they get another dog. Is there more to this story? Poor Shyla - welcome to Saints, baby.