Rescue Journal

i have in my head the ideal dog...

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2015

never actually met him but i know what he is like..absolutely 100% perfect.

in the meantime i fill my days with the ones who slip up and down the ladder to perfection.

matt was pretty damn close to the top rung of the ladder but he has slipped down a bit because matt is a pig racist.
i know he is a racist because i know the chances of that dog ever having met a pig before are pretty darn slim. yet he has decided to not like pigs without ever giving himself a chance to get to know them.

shyla slid up the ladder during her first 24 hours..good with everyone she met. but she too a little downward slide with a little bit too much interest in our barn yard bird crew.

oakley..(yes i am giving her back original name because she actually knows and responds to it) stepped up the perfect ladder, then slid down by arguing with oreo then went back up by knocking it off and being great out at the barn for the rest of the day. someone likes to roll around in the barn makes her happy.

oreo will never get far up the ladder, he is just too much of a dorky-dog. i never have met a border collie quite like him..klutzy, anxious, and not very smart...still he manages to hang out somewhere consistently around the middle.

almost at the very top of the ladder and never likely to go back down is roger...such a sweet, sweet dog. i thought he was here for a couple of weeks but he has stretched it so far to a couple of months and he is still going this gentle and sweet palliative dog.

oh and i forgot...satchi fell right off the ladder when mo had to get freezing soaking wet rescuing him after he decided to try to walk on the not really frozen yet pond...dumbo dog.


Pam in Nashville

LOL! Thanks a lot Carol. I will now forever be watching my dogs slide up and down the ladder of perfection! Great post.


lol renee..simon hasn't even made it to the step stool stage! and fyi...neither have the other two!!!!


I ❤ Simon! I know he wasn't mentioned but that handsome man is always at the top of my ladder. With Kyah and Coda ❤❤❤❤


So Satchi fell down the ladder because doesn't always think before diving in?