Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2015

i am splitting my nights between my bed and the couch. every time i get up to pee (old lady age SUCKS!) i switch. this way the bed buddies are not left forsaken, forgotten and forlorn and the anxious 2 new girls know that i do come and go but at some point, i always come back.
this one thing is critical for SA dogs to figure out because if they trust i will come back then it is not so scary when i go.

i should open a k9 psychoanalyst office..hah! i already have the nice couch!!

note to todays volunteers..i am going to make a quick trip out to the cottage to turn off the water before it freezes..i should only be gone for a couple of hours or so.

ahhh..that cottage,,patiently waiting to give me peace should i just appear. as soon as it settles a bit around here and my days off line up with a monday..i am going to see if chris will spend the night so i can get the heck out of here for 24 hours. i am going to sleep all night in the very same bed and make a stew and dumplings in the crock pot!
heaven on earth.

i am sad to say that i do believe our beloved mika is starting the slow down ward slide...she is getting thin, her tumor has broken open, and she is not as perky as she has been (aka..not looking to kick luna's ass)
also i talked to the vet about roger..he is starting to cough up sprinkles of fresh blood. i probably should do something soon to prevent him from hemorrhaging from his lungs..this sucks because he is so very happy and so loves the barn.

tiny saw the vet yesterday..lungs are free of metastatic cancer so we are good to go to remove those horrid mammary tumors. she will need 4 side of the mammary chain, recover..the othe side, recover, her spay, recover and finally her dental. however if with her first surgery when we send in the tissue samples, we find that her tumors are malignant (only 50% are) then we stop and she becomes palliative. this is her plan of care so far.

well i guess i better get dressed, the weekend warrior troops will be here soon.



Carol - regarding the night pees- I am exactly the same age as you, and this product so helpful.
Athough it is meant to help IBS, I was looking for the ingredients ( pectin, marshmallow root, slippery elm etc)as they are very soothing to the bladder lining. And it is a Canadian company.
Most nights I don't get up at all anymore!
Sorry young folks for the TMI.


Would the vet consider coming to saints and to help Roger pass in the barn?
Maybe a nice way for his little soul to leave this life...a place that he loves to be?