Rescue Journal

even with the loss of holiday..rescue goes on..

Carol  ·  Nov. 23, 2015

we need a volunteer to pick up our last old guy from SARC..he has recovered from his massive dental and is ready to be transferred to saints. if anyone is available to pick him up and bring him to us, we would be very grateful.

mojo had his neuter a dental, an ear flush, a mass removal and a hind end xray. huge surprise in the xrays...firstly, somewhere in his past he suffered a powerful blunt object blow to his hip. the hip was fractured, left un-repaired and has rotated upwards and is now pressing against his spine...a second injury was found to his lower leg...his bone had been fractured by a bullet. poor mojo, what a painful and dangerous past life. the vet can't believe this very sweet boy can actually walk. he was too out of it to come home tonight, anne will pick him up and bring him home in the morning.

shyla goes in tomorrow for her hip xrays...i really want to know what is going on back there and what we can do to help.

miley is finally coming home, hoping to be able to pick her up tomorrow..the infection was resistent to almost everything but her special antibiotics which it is sensitive to are expected to be in tomorrow. i will be glad to have her home, but i am so grateful for the miley break....with the hyper anxious new girls in, not having to worry about miley was an actual god-send. now that the girls are settling, perfect timing for miley to come home...hope she doesn't get all barky and wind them up again.

erin had cece (her foster) in to the clinic after work, looks like she may have had a stroke. erin is waiting for the blood work to come back to rule out other possibles.

tristie (dawns foster) was in for blood work and check...she needs to be sedated because she is a wee bit of a hag!

i saw 2 other fosters today at the clinic..jenny had tippy in, looks like her bladder infection hasn't cleared yet.she sure was glad to see her mom! and spot was in for his amputation pre-surgical check. he looks very happy in his new foster home. yay!

i had email updates on adoptee's bud and rosie..both are doing great. bud had hip surgery to repair an old hip fracture that we didn't know that he had and is recovering well. his new family is so great!
rosie did great on her trip to her new home, she has settled in well and her new fabulous family adores her.
yay bud and rosie!


shelagh f

new guy here, seems like pretty easy going guy. had a bath
already, smells better, but i think he needs a real spa day.
getting along well with the girls, but did come a bit too close
to Dora's loveseat, but she set him straight.
will bring him out in the morning,


Wow, lots of info here....Erin, sending prayers that Cece is going to be ok. Poor Mojo...sweet dog..he'll be happy to be home...I bet Miley will be too. And so great to hear the good news about Spot, Bud and Rosie. Thanks for all the news Carol.

shelagh f

ok will contact them tomorrow, tuesday and let you know, either
overnite here or pick up wednesday morning


its an old dog...cocker size..that would be great thx shelagh..i will let them know. call to arrange a p/u time ok and thx!

shelagh f

is the old guy a dog or cat? maybe i could , am coming out wednesday
with food etc