Rescue Journal

we lost holiday suddenly today.

Carol  ·  Nov. 23, 2015

he was good all weekend but suddenly crashed this morning. erin rushed him into the vets and they found that he was in complete cardiac failure. despite being on oxygen and with iv lasix on board, he was having a terrible time breathing. the vet felt there really was no hope so she helped him to pass.
rest in peace holiday, you were a very sweet, sweet cat.


Wendy Horan

This is so sad. We were Holiday's first foster family in Nelson when his human could no longer take care of him. He was such a nice, sweet little being. I hope he enjoys his time on the other side of the rainbow bridge. RIP, Holiday. Thanks for making life sweeter on this side.

And thank you SAINTS for being able to make his last days so comfortable.


He wasnt with us too long but at least he had good food N lovin before he moved on. Enjoyed a brushing here and there too.


Omg...Tammy was just pointing Holiday out to me yesterday, as I don't know the cats very well. - and we were admiring his pretty sorry to hear this