Rescue Journal

big happy yay!!!

Carol  ·  Nov. 25, 2015

oakley and shyla were just playing together in the computer room!!! so glad to see them both happy and relaxed!

saints welcome eddie!

and i love this photo of hazel our fat little squirrel!



Hazel is soooo cute..i must slow down and take some time wirh the bed buddies again....They are my small dog fix and i am sufferring withdrawal


Oh Eddie......what a sad sweet face....looking forward to meeting him on Sunday. Yay for Shyla and Oakley too!


hi linda..eddie just arrived at saints today..he was originally picked up as a stray by AC so we have no history on him. he won't be available for adoption for a little while, he needs to see our vet plus we need to get to know him and see if there are any issues. donations can be sent to:
33860 Dlugosh Ave
Mission BC
V2V 6B2
thank you so much for the support!

Linda seguin

Hi, how old is Eddie and what are his health issues? Also, I would like to donate some money in the form of a cheque and I need a mailing in address. Take care, Linda