Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 27, 2015

tiny went home with anne as a permanent foster. she has some pretty tough surgeries coming up and anne will give her not only the care and support that tiny needs but also the home of her dreams. yay tiny! yay anne!

i talked to the vet today about both willy and gerry )both in foster with the same great family!) their blood work this week showed willy's anemia is almost resolved and gerry's liver values are back within normal is amazing what some good old fashioned TLC will do, like help turn homeless, unhealthy, neglected seniors into healthy and much loved family members again...more yays!

our extreme ancients, thom and asha were both at the vets...asha is not eating and thom is losing weight. their blood work should be back tomorrow and we will see what it says.

miley had a good recheck, she is recovering well and is allowed to fully weight bear again.

oakley continues to unknot her knickers and is really settling in.
shyla also is doing great, and her skin is healing well too.
poppy is well settled now over in the mp room and oscar is enjoying his new tv. jenny said he was actually sitting and watching "underdog." i know tammy thinks they like "the sound of music" best but oscar disagrees.

on a sad note, erin tells me that cece is not doing well. she has been in foster with erin and her family for the past year..lucky girl. cece came in a couple of years ago, she was 14 yrs old and stone deaf..rescued from a locked bedroom when her owners moved away and left her. there was another dog in the home but sadly he passed away before they were able to rescue him. cece has had a difficult life and she has suffered the ultimate betrayal but she was given the gifts of a new home, a new life, a new family to dote on her. she is one of the lucky ones, she found someone special to love her.

heads up to weekend volunteers...lyle has been repairing our barnyard gravel and hog fuel areas, getting them set for winter, nelson will be adding a heater to the medical room and vern is currently building us some new storage shelves in the shop. you guys will probably have to work around them, sorry about that but it will be good to get these things done.

i am working this weekend but just call if you need me.


alyson nerker

Thank You Anne, you are a Sainte ! Super news for Gerry and Willy too :D


he is great brenda..shelagh intro'd him to her cousins and they already sent in an application for him...i haven't had time to call them yet but i don;t think he will be here long.


Carol, How is Eddie settling in?...can't get those cocker eyes out of my head and heart ...
So great that Anne has scenario ever, and so happy to hear about Willy and Gerry...
Very sorry to hear about Cece Erin....thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family..