Successful Bake Sale Again

Sheila  ·  Nov. 28, 2015

Okay are you ready for it........drum roll please........................................aprox $$$ 10,100.00 $$$

Yes, that is correct! From a little bake sale in Mission.

First thanks to the Scotiabank for matching funds and caring about their community and their employees who volunteer.

Also big hug to my fellow Scotia Mission staff who step up and pitch in all for the animals.
Secondly to all our amazing so many yummy goodies and all so lovingly prepared.

Next our most generous supporters those who bought our baking and those who donated from a distance.

Also thanks to those that helped pass the word and those who did transporting of baking.

Thanks to Saints volunteer Mo for helping out at the sale Friday.

Last but not least a huge thank you to Saints volunteer Ann who spent her Thur pricing items and then all day Friday selling.

Once again I'm awe of so many caring people that come together for our Saints crew.
Thank you all


PS A smiling Ann in front of all those baked goods



truly an amazingly great job laura and scotia bank..and thx to ann and mo too!