Rescue Journal

lynn's foster princess passed away today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2015

princess came to saints a couple of years ago. her family brought her here because they thought she was dying and this was where dying dogs should come. i still remember seeing her for the first time in the back of their vehicle and telling them she wasn't dying, she was just unable to walk because she had terrible arthritic pain. i don't think they believed me.
they looked at me like i was from mars, this family who obviously loved her, did not know she was unnecessarily suffering in their neglectful love. whatever, they loved her, they left her and we started her on a good regime of pain medication.

lynn took her home after a while and princess got what all princesses deserve...a home that not only loved her dearly but took wonderfully good care of her too.
rest in peace princess with lynn's forever love and care surrounding you.

hugs to you sorry for your loss.



So sorry for your loss Lynne. At least she had a great home and was loved.


Aw Lynne, the sweet old ones really tug at the heart strings way after they're gone....Princess was a lucky girl.....a big hug to you....Take care

lynne arnason

thankyou she gave me much more than i gave her she was a princess she was beautiful and sweet and just the best dog. she just wanted love and we gave it to her. thankyou carol for letting me have the sweetest dog ever i will keep her in my heart forever.


You gave her a couple more years of a great life, Lynn, with lots of love. So sad for your loss.


So sorry, Lynne. Princess was beautiful. Thank you for giving her a loving home.