Rescue Journal

still talking about bedtime and bathtubs

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2015

it was a shitty bedtime.

i was soooo tired, exhausted really,,,just a blink away from sound asleep..but the gawd dam computer room dogs started barking and did not stop.
i go flying out of bed to yell at them up close and personal so they take me seriously and step full on into a huge aggie poop..omg, i so want to scream.

i hop into the kitchen, furious now and swearing like a sailor to discover the entire room is covered in poop...caesar had diarrhea and walked thru it. i thought i was going to die.
i hopped around pulling up the linens, trying to mop while my disgusting foot was still up in the air and finally made it into the bathroom to hose off my foot.
thank goodness i had already bleached the bathtub or i would have puked.

i washed off my foot really well, re-bleached the tub, headed to the computer room muttering how much i disliked dogs and noticed everyone was totally silent and looking a wee bit sheepish.

i told them all to shut up anyway just because and went back to bed.

the silence was golden.

no one made a sound for the rest of the night.

but i am still tired.


Carol A.

I totally sympathise, as we live with that too!

Our little elderly, blind, cushings spaniel has had diarrhea since Sunday and she doesnt always make it out the door.(almost over it thank goodness!)

Our ancient shih tsu, who joined our family in August, has decided it is too cold to go outside at night, so instead of asking out.... leaves a little present conveniently adjacent to the back door so when you let the others out in the dark your foot lands on it! (working on adjusting bedtime and early morning piddle times 😔)

and this week..... our senior husky cross decided garbage is her favourite entree! needless to say, what goes down comes back up! in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, landing... and of course.... by the back door!

This too shall pass, I know, and all too soon we will be laughing about their antics, the scrubbing, the almost made it out the door, the soulful eyes and bowed heads.....

and the soft nudges in the middle of the night!

In the meantime, economy jugs of bleach line the bottom shelf of the laundry cupboard and have permanent residence by the tub!

Thank you for the laugh, Carol.


I nearly spit my coffee across the room while reading this. You have painted such a vivid and hilarious picture. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time made me laugh so hard. (sorry...)