Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2015

roger had a recheck..i just want to be really cautious with him from this point on. his cancer is close to over taking him, the problem is that roger doesn't know it. when he came in back in september, i thought he had a week or two..never even conceived 3 months! he really has done well. still the time is getting close, today the vet suggested weekly checks hopefully so we can step in before it all falls apart. yay! roger gets at least another weekend at the barn!

note to staff and is going to be a rainy weekend, don't let him stay out too long to get overtired and please dry him off really well when he comes in so he doesn't get a chill.

andy's blood work came back..he went from a healthy dog in may to a dying dog in october and super yay..back to a healthy dog in december! the vet thinks something set off and upset his liver and then due to his nervous nature, it all fell apart from there. andy has always been a bit special so lest we forget 2 things...1. andy is getting old and will require extra monitoring and extra care and 2. andy is a feral dog so we really need to make sure he feels comfortable and safe, especially with canned feedings when all of those little dogs go nutz. he will continue to be fed 3 full canned meals each day away from the others. so glad he dodged that bullet, now we watch him and ensure it never happens again. this would be way easier if he would just let us touch him!

asha and thom was still being watched very carefully. the change in pain meds have helped them both quite a lot but we still need to keep track of their daily intake.

new dog in...brought into SARC as a stray...matted and literally covered in poop balls. luckily he had a microchip which traced back to the address of his "finders"..gee what a coincidence.
anyway benjy seems to be a very sweet boy but will most likely require a fair amount of medical tune ups..he sees our vet next week.
welcome little ben!



Wow. His previous owners didn't deserve him.
Hopefully SARS called them out on it.