Rescue Journal

asha and thom passed away today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2015

asha started to display pain symptoms again today despite her pain meds and thom despite all of our efforts continues to lose weight and had gone down another half pound in the last week. i finally had to admit that while we could possibly slightly slow down the inevitable deterioration, we hadn't been able to even maintain, let alone improve their wellbeing these past few weeks. they were continuing to simply fade away. and here is the thing with these lovely cats when they reach the very end of their roads in their extreme old age...they do reach that point where there is no return, they are slowly dying, a day at a time. it might take a week or two or even a month if we continued with appetite stimulants, syringed feeding and sc fluids but is that fair? do they have to live to the very last second, even when they are too frail, weak and thin to make it far from their beds?

so today i decided that they each deserved to go in peace before each moment became an agony of our irritating interference to keep their hearts beating, their lungs breathing, to keep hope floating..just to keep them here.

they were old, really old and they were tired, it was time to accept this and gently let them go.

rest in peace sweet ancient ones, you both lived your long lives with grace, good cats.





Sweet dreams Asha and Thom. Lynne so sorry for the loss of Princess I just saw the blog this morning! Big, big hugs to you and sweet dreams to Princess she was beautiful.

lynne arnason

aww so sorry for your loss, even though they r old he sure doesnt make the sadness any less rip thom and asha

shelagh f

i said good bye to both wednesday, because i was pretty sure
i wouldn't be seeing them again. so glad they both had a good last
few months of love and care. loved your spirit Asha

Carol A.

wishing these two sweethearts, sunny windows, cozy beds and a warm hearth in their summerland. big hugs for all tose who loved and are missing Asha and Thom tonight.